Our furry, little friends have so much in common with us humans.  They're our closest relatives in the animal kingdom and each one has it's own, unique personality.  Some are very aggressive over their food, while others are kind and like to share.  Some like to socialize with the group, while others keep their distance.  Some make great parents and others aren't so great.  All in all, there are many attributes and nuances to these complex, little creatures making them such fascinating animals to behold.

What it means to save a monkey...
"To hold a monkey (or two) in your arms that is not wanting anything from you,  other than to feel safe for a while, can melt the sternest of hearts.  Once this heart-to-heart connection is made between human and primate - it is a bond that will last beyond lifetimes!"
Even though our species is causing the extinction of theirs, they have no one else to turn to.  If monkeys were causing the extinction of the human race - would we be as trusting?  We, as  wise and compassionate human beings, have a responsibility to not violate that trust.  Just as we have an obligation to rear our own children - we must also rear the children of the rainforest.

When we save an iconic animal of the rainforest, such as a monkey - we give it a face.  These animals are the true "poster children" of our vanishing forests.  Unfortunately, time is running out for these and all other animals in these endangered areas of the world.  If we don't act now - they will soon be lost forever .
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