"Put your money where
      the monkeys are!"
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Why do these monkeys need our help?

An alarming amount of the world’s rainforests have come under heavy assault from human encroachment. Illegal hunting, clear-cutting of forests and poorly managed land use is stripping away the eco-systems in which monkeys and other animals once lived, driving many to seek refuge in the fragmented remains of their once dense, primary forest. The Primate Rescue Network Member-Centers we support throughout Latin America have become a beacon of hope—an “oasis” for these animals to seek refuge. However, immediate action is needed to ensure these centers have the resources necessary to continue and expand their all-too-important work.

Your generous donation will help to save these priceless animals and the habitat in which they live. An investment in saving monkeys is an investment in saving the rainforest. 

By becoming a PRN PaRtNer, your tax-deductible donation will provide our PRN Member-Centers with one or more of the following; animal food and medicine, veterinary care, maintenance and expansion of animal-support facilities, employee wages and volunteer housing/food.  Funding is also provided for educational campaigns to create awareness among local populations about the importance of the rainforest and to strengthen the rights of animals.

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