How donated funds are allocated to PRN Member-Centers
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PRN Member-Centers
All funds donated to the Primate Rescue Network, whether received from monthly contributions or "one-time" donations, are placed into a "general fund."  These funds (net of PRN expenses, which we will work diligently to keep at a minimum) will be disbursed equally to each of the participating PRN Member-Centers who remain compliant to the PRN "Operating Standards" and "Funding Agreement."

Per IRS regulations, funding provided to these organizations from the CT Project, Inc. (creator of the Primate Rescue Network) must be directed to specific projects which further the mission of the CT Project, Inc.  PRN Member-Centers are required to submit a detailed budget to the CT Project, Inc. outlining how the funds they receive will be administered.  Periodic visitations by a PRN representative will help to ensure the Member-Centers remain compliant and that funds are being allocated accordingly.

Periodic "status reports" will be created to evaluate each Member-Center's progress, proper use of funding and effectiveness at carrying out the joint-mission of "Nature Preservation and Revitalization."
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