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Cuna upon arrival
Cuna in 2013
Cuna's Monkey Facts

Species:  Red-Crested, Bare-faced Tamarin                   (Saguinus geoffroyi)
Sex:  Female
Approximate age:  2 years (in 2013)  
Date of arrival at center:  July 2011
Eligible for release:  No
            If so, when:  N/A

Cuna's Story

Cuna was purchased for $60 USD from a boat driver on Capurganá Island in Colombia.  The driver was keeping the infant 120 gram monkey tied up so tourists could be photographed with her.  The people who purchased her sought the advice of a veterinarian for her wellbeing, through which they found out about URRAS and brought her there.

Since she  was taken away from her family at such a tender age and was raised by humans, she's not eligible for release.  Cuna currently lives alone as she's the only "Saguinus geoffroyi" at the center.  URRAS is looking for a companion of the same species for her.
About URRAS...
Established in 1995, Unidad de Rescate y Rehabilitación de Animales Silvestres (URRAS) is a center at the Veterinary Medicine Faculty of the National University of Colombia, pioneer in the rehabilitation of local fauna.  Since its beginnings, URRAS has rescued and rehabilitated over 10,000 wild animals that have been subject of illegal trafficking, abuse, or accidents.
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"Ambassador Monkey"
Boo's Monkey Facts

Species:  Brown Capuchin (Sapajus apella)
Sex:  Male
Approximate age:  2 years (in 2013)  
Date of arrival at center: April 2013
Eligible for release:  No
            If so, when:  N/A

Boo's Story

Boo was brought to URRAS on April 2013 with a fractured right femur resulting from a dog bite.  He underwent surgery on May 3, 2013 in order to correct the fracture and it was a success.  He's now able to swing from his hammock and play amongst the leaves and branches in his enclosure.

Although capuchin monkeys are a social species,  Boo is being kept apart from members of his species so he can be trained to have the social and survival skills needed. As soon as he's completely rehabilitated, he'll be placed with a troop of brown capuchins.
"Ambassador Monkey"

"Ambassador Monkey"
Monkey Facts

Approximate age: 
Date of arrival at center: 
Eligible for release:   
            If so, when:

Poi upon arrival
Poi in 2012
Poi's Monkey Facts

Species: White-fronted capuchin
                   (Cebus albifrons)
Sex:  Female
Approximate age:  3 years (in 2013)  
Date of arrival at center:  August 2011
Eligible for release:  Yes
           If so, when:  July-August 2014

"Ambassador Monkey"
Poi's Story

Poi was found roaming a park in the city of Bogotá and brought to URRAS for medical attention. Upon arrival, her  body was covered with sores, especially on her face, due to a fungal infection.

She was very shy and extremely nervous around humans.  After treatment, she was integrated into a troop of capuchins which are being rehabilitated for release.  She shares much of her time with Taque, the alpha-male of the group.
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