The Primate Rescue Network was created out of necessity after the CT Project, Inc. Board of Directors discovered several, animal rescue centers throughout Latin America who are in dire need of support.  These rescue operations were typically started by private individuals or families who felt compelled to save the orphaned, injured, confiscated and abandoned animals they were witnessing first hand.  Many of these people had no prior experience or formal training in animal rescue and welfare.  What they do possess however is the love and inner-desire to rescue these threatened and endangered species.  Some of them believe that to turn away from these animals in need is just as bad as personally inflicting the suffering itself.   

After speaking with many of these rescues, it became apparent that most lack the time and resources to effectively solicit the funds necessary to sustain and expand their efforts.  The demand placed upon these centers is ever-increasing since an alarming amount of the world’s rainforests have come under heavy assault from human encroachment.  Illegal hunting and poorly managed land use is stripping away the eco-systems in which these animals once lived…driving many to seek refuge in the fragmented remains of their once dense, primary forest.  These rescue centers have become a beacon of hope—an “oasis” for these animals to seek refuge.  However, immediate action is needed to ensure these centers have the resources necessary to continue their all-too-important work.

How becoming a PRN PaRtNer will help to save these priceless animals

By becoming a PRN PaRtNer, your monthly (or one-time), tax-deductable donation will provide PRN Member-Centers with one or more of the following; animal food and medicine, veterinary care, maintenance and expansion of animal-support facilities, employee wages and volunteer housing/food.  Funding will also be provided for animal-advocacy campaigns to create awareness and strengthen the rights of animals (although not always the case, many people in developing countries have little to no regard for animal rights and welfare).  Your contribution will also make it possible to ensure compliance with our “PRN Operating Standards” by allowing our LATAM coordinator to visit these centers a regular basis.

Who’s Your Monkey?
As a PRN PaRtNer, you'll be invited to “connect” with one of our primate friends by choosing your favorite monkey from one of the PRN member-centers we support.  These centers have agreed to provide a monthly update on each one their “ambassador monkeys” via facebook.   This will give you the opportunity to stay up-to-date on the rehabilitation and welfare of a rainforest animal you helped to save.

     Please invest in the future of rainforest animals by becoming a PRN PaRtNer today!
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